New list of browser games for September 2013. After long search for some interesting free to play browser games that are not a waste of time i made this list:
1. Heroes of the Realmlink
2. Age of Titans
3. Eternal Saga Online
4. Overtorque Stunt Racingovertorque-stunt-racing
5. One Piece VS Narutoone-piece-vs-naruto



  1. Absolutely agree. Nice games but I would be glad to see here gambling games too. For example, a lot of people and I :d play free slot machines. So, it would be cool, if you added some casino companies like Novomatic.

  2. It’s about a recent indie game called Rogue Legacy, and the post is pretty much the sort of thing you’d expect to read here. I sent it to Medieval War Games instead because he’s been too busy doing science stuff in the States to write his own weekly post.

  3. Love this game, thanks

    Also got a site which also provide online exiting games. have fun here


  5. Also you can check out this game called Virtonomics if you into smart tycoon games.