Smaller than iPhone, can fit in a spoon, weight 1 ounce ... yeah, that's Beyonce, the two week old puppy which   may be the world tiniest dog right now. She is one from the five puppies born from the one year old mother Casey (dachshund dog). The shelters pick her up from the streets of San Bernarndino, Calif and with the help from The Grace Foundation in Northern California, the Casey was brought to the vet where with ultrasound they found out that this cute dog is pregnant with five puppies. Puppies were born on March 9 and Beyonce was the last born puppy and she was the smallest. Now she's grown to 4 ounces and in a few weeks she will be available for the adoption. Check out the pictures of this very cute tiny puppy bellow ...

Pictures from Lisa Van Dyke / El Dorado DOG Photography


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