The empty space is so full of thoughts. The thoughts deliver great ideas, but when they are clear, decent, imaginary, free of all the boundaries, the boundaries that cast a shade of our beings.
We see those beings as one material body, and we guide ourselves lead only by the senses. Therefore we are blind, blind to see and perceive the real essence of our nature, the one that makes us humans and even more one whole that interacts with the universe.
We are trapped, closed in a home made jail which bars we and only we create.
The thoughts can make us kings, but it also can make us tramps.
We choose which one of them we want to be.
WE decide through what glasses we want to see the world and beyond.  
YOU decide if you’ re a prisoner or a master of the space.
Therefore, Let’s Decide Well!!! 
                                                              by Sanja Helix


  1. Let us not create those boundaries and may we be free and learn from our empty wall. As soon as we stay behind it, it stays empty.. Good words, bravo !