If you love fish, if you have aquarium home I'm sure you've keep'd angelfish. Angelfish come from the Pterophyllum Cichlidae  family and these species originate from the Amazon River, Orinoco and Essequibo River at South America. Maximum size of the fish is 6-8 cm and they are very peaceful fish, you can keep them with every species. The ideal water temperature for them is 21-26'C, they swim in the middle levels of the aquarium and the lifespan is 5-10 years. There are couple of species from Pterophyllum: Scalare, Altum and leopoldi. 

They are voracious eaters and they will accept anything given. The best way for breeding is to buy a group of them and to let them breed naturally. Below you can check some pictures from this beautiful freshwater fish.


  1. who is the author of the first scalare picture? I wan to use it in a children's book of animals