Tropical Fish Tank
When you have all you need for the start, the gravel or sand, some plants, water filter or air pump, heather ... and all that is placed in the tank you can full up slowly with water. You can use tap water but don't put the fishes immediately ... fill the tank,turn on the pump and heather and leave it like that for 48 hours. In that time the water bacteria cycling will get ready for colonize for the fish to be healthy when you put inside.
After 48 when you have bought the fish you like to keep, with the plastic bag put it inside the tank and leave it like that for 10-15 min. This will allow
 the water in the bag to collaborate with the temperature in the tank so it wont shock the fish. After 10-15 min the temperature in the bag is same as in the tank so the fish are ready to get used to the water in the tank. Before putting the fish in the tank put a little water from the tank to the plastic bag. This is done because the water in the plastic bag is not the same like the water in you bag (Ph, ammonia ...) and the fish will get used rapidly before put inside you tank. After this your fish are ready for your tank.
If your tank is small you can add 2-3 fish for 1 gallon and in a larger aquariums 1 fish per 5 gallons.
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