Lady Gaga become first person with 20 million followers on Twitter and got the title most followed on Earth. She goes to n.1 spot of the most favorite before the teen pop star Justin Bieber with 18 millions.
Here is the Top 5 Most Followed on Tweeter:
  1. Lady Gaga (20,243,880 Followers)
  2. Justin Bieber (18,167,633 Followers)
  3. Katy Perry (15,810,084 Followers)
  4. Shakira (14,612,837 Followers)
  5. Rihanna (4,569,946 Followers)

On Facebook Gaga have 48 million fans and more than 800 000 circles on Google+. Her latest album, "Born This Way" sold 8 million copies and after she have game on facebook named GagaVille.
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