Everything in the universe is composed of duality. The Yin and the Yang. The male and the female. The hot and the cold. The good and the evil. The black and the white. The sun and the moon…. We, as a small part of the great cosmic family are also dual within ourselves. Everybody has a light and a dark side and nobody can determine him/herself as an eternally pure or eternally horrible human being.

Yet some characteristics are more present, and some people are stronger, smarter, shier, more determined, more conformists than the others. 

The primal purpose of this test is to find out which side is most likely determining you.
There are four simple questions you should answer. You will just need a pen and a piece of paper to document your answers. Are you READY?!? GO?!?

Question number 1: Put the given animals in the correct order: horse, sheep, cow, tiger, pig. You decide which order is right. For example : 1. tiger 2. sheep 3. horse etc…

Question number 2: Next to every given item write down just one word that reminds you of the item: 1. coffee 2. sea 3. cat  4. mouse 5. dog
For example – 1. coffee – table.. 2. sea – holiday etc..

Question number 3: Next to every color write down just one person it reminds you off
  1. red 2. orange 3. yellow 4. green 5. white
For example – 1. red – Tom 2. orange – Sarah etc..

Question number 4: Write down just one number from one to ten

FINISHED?!? Good?!? Now you can see the answers below ……..

The first question: the horse means family, the sheep means love, the cow means carrier, the tiger means pride and the pig means money.
So what do you admire first and what last? If you put the male animals as the first two you are more with Yang like personality. If you put the female animals as the first three you’re more – Yin like. If they’re mixed up, you have both sides balanced.

The second question: The coffee represents your sex life – so the item you wrote down next to it subconsciously presents it. The sea represents your open mind.
The cat represents your loved one, your partner and how you see him/ her.
The dog represents you, so the word you put next to it it’s your characteristic.
And the mouse represents your enemy, your pest in life.

The third question: The red is the person you love the most – your loved one, your partner. The orange is a person is a person that you’ll never forget. The yellow is a person that is your friend. The green is a person that always comes in handy, always helps you in life and the white is a person you’ll always admire.

The fourth question: This is your lucky number. You should also share this test with that many people in order to accomplish bigger connection.

So, did you get it right? Are you satisfied with the answers? Tell us in a comment. Thanks for reading and taking this test. It’s for the greater good. 


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