Sevencore in online MMORPG style game published by gPotato at September. The game have mount combat features and "mount" is your pet which make this game unique. The game have 3 races and and 3 classes: The Warrior, The Gunner and The Magician. You get pet at early levels like a companion but when pet get level 10 he become combat pet. You can mount you pet to get faster to your destinations or morph with you to get better statistics. The graphics for 2.5Gb client are great even they look little like outdated compared to some other new games. You unlock archievments, some archievments give bonuses even some special (hard to get) archievments give bonus pet to you.
Bellow you can see some gameplay for Sevencore and if you like the game go on the official site to check more out.


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