Everything in our physical and energetic body is connected. Every condition of the energetic body interconnects with the physical body and vise versa. Everything happens, first on mental level and later corresponds to the physical level of being.

Mudras are special positions of our hands and fingers that provide certain energy flow connected with an internal organ or a condition within our bodies. That means that every human being has the power within his/her hands, and reading this article he/ her will receive the knowledge how to use that power. The five fingers represent the five elements: 1. The thumb – fire, 2.The index finger – air, 3.The middle finger – space, 4.The ring finger – Earth and 5.The little finger – water. When each finger touches the thumb it leads to balance of the element that the finger represents

Hereinafter I shall give you some of the mostly used mudras from around the world.

Guyan mudra
The tip of the thumb touches the tip of the index finger. This positions stimulates knowledge and ability. It also imparts receptivity and calmness.

Surya (Ravi Mudra)
The tip of the ring finger touches the tip of the thumb. This mudra stimulates health, energy and intuition.

   Buddhi Mudra
The tip of the little finger touches the tip of the thumb giving you better powers in communication and clear thinking.

      Venus lock
You put your hands together interlacing the fingers. Put your left little finger at the bottom and the right thumb (for men) or the left thumb (for women) on top. This position enhances sensuality and sexuality, also stimulating the glandular balance in order to provide better focus and concentration.

 Juputer mudra
Put your hands together and straighten up your two index fingers together(like making a gun). With this mudra you break through obstacles and meet an expansion of good luck.

 Prayer mudra
Hands are pressed together, as we press them when we pray. This way we are centered and balanced.

Hakini mudra
The fingers of each hand are touching with the tips. This is a common mudra that many people use unconsciously while talking. It helps the person concentrate.

These are just a few mudras that can help you a lot in balancing your life. If you want to learn all off them you can consult the book – “MUDRAS – Yoga in your hands” by Gertrude Hirschi.


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