You may wonder, how old is your dog or your cat in human years.
People usually think that we should only multiply the number of the dog years by 4, but that’s not the case. It is actually quite easy. When your dog is one year old it is like a twelve year old child. When it’s two years old it is like a twenty four year old man.
After that you add four years to each dog year. Their average life span is 12 – 13 years, but still that depends from the type of dog.

Meanwhile cats are growing a older a bit quicker. When a cat is one year old, it’s actually 15 human years old. When it’s 2 years old it turns 24 human years. After that you add four years to each year that comes next. So that’s the formula.

It’s very similar and effective, especially if you are a dog or a cat lover. So go for it!!!   


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