We all play some rolls in our lives and we all tend to choose what actions we take first and therefore what scenes we cast first.

This is a short test called “Priorities according to Freud” that supposed to show your priorities on your subconscious level.  All you need to do is take a pen and some paper to write down your answers and off course: Be Honest!

So this is the situation: You’re at home and five things are happening at once, at the same time.

  1. The phone is ringing
  2. Your baby starts crying
  3. Someone is at the door
  4. Your clothes are outside hanging, and it starts raining
  5. The water from the tape you forgot to turn off starts to flood your kitchen.

So, in what order do you solve the problems? Write down the order of the answers. And then check out the answers down below. This indicates the way you manage to move on in life. So get your answers. 

Every number represents a part of your life, something like this:
  1. The phone – your job                             - So the order in what you chose to
  2. The child – your child                               solve the problems is the order of
  3. The door – your friends                            your priorities in life. Had fun… tell
  4. The clothes – your money                         more in a comment. Thanks
  5. The water – sex              


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