As the day is passing by, and waving goodbye, our bodies and souls get tired and need a good night sleep, a rest, a getaway from the everyday worries.

It’s well known that while we sleep our brain uses its minimal value, and therefore the engine of our organism is on Stand BY.

When we fall asleep we enter another world. We actually reproduce all the situations that have happened to us during the day. 
Every single one of us dreams. The only difference is that not everyone remembers their dreams. 

Even when we remember the movie we filmed during the night, unfortunately we forget EVEN 90% of it, after waking up.

Men and women get equally sexually exited during their dreams regardless they are or they are not from sexual nature J.

Two interesting characters are created in their authors dreams. The first pair of them is – “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” – written by Robert Louise Stevenson, and the famous character of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly

Blind people also dream as vividly as the others.

We may see a lot of strangers in our dreams, but they in real life, they’re no strangers at all. Our brain remembers every single one of the people we see, even with the corner of our eyes.
People who dream in color are more emotionally charged than the ones that dream black and white.

Our dreams are symbolic metaphor that is never specific.  The symbols often represent something way different from themselves. For example: When you dream of potatoes – it means you soon shall get some money. Or when you dream of dirty water – it represents unclear thoughts and worries. 

People who snore, while doing it, they don’t dream.

Have you noticed that when you dream of thirst or hunger over and over again in the same dream, at the end you wake up really thirsty and hungry. The same happens when you dream that you need to visit the bathroom. J

Therefore people enjoy your dreams, of whatever nature they may be, and as Euritmics tend to say “Sweet dreams” or as Mama Cass used to say “ Dream a little dream of me” 

                                                            by Sanja Helix


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