by Sanja Helix
The orange, one of the tastiest, fruitiest, juiciest fruit you can ever find. I know this part seems like a commercial J But don’t worry I’m not the girl who is selling oranges to you dear readers. And I’m not talking about what’s my favorite fruit. 

Here in our little country with big sun, we prefer giving oranges to each other  as a sign of forgiveness on the Annual Forgiveness Day, which is celebrated exactly seven weeks before the Orthodox Easter.

Meanwhile in Ivera, Italy approximately 35 000 people come out on the streets dressed up in medieval costumes wasting millions and millions of this innocent fruit to smack each others heads with it.

The idea is instead of cutting heads and stabbing with real spears like in the Middle ages, people reenact a Middle Age battle, “killing the enemies using oranges”.

And they do that till they start to drown in the orange rivers and oceans on the streets.

This year on 27th February, they set the worlds record for the  Largest Orange Fight. 
This is how it looks like:


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