The n.1 2D MMORPG game in history Diablo this year will get the part 3 (we hope). The first of Diablo series is released by Blizzard Entertainment in December 1996 and for that time it was a best seller. The second part Diablo II  was released in 2000. The last part Diablo III was announced in 2008 and the closed beta was released at September 2011. After all these years waiting and a lot of rumors about the game , the Blizzard team  yesterday announced that the PvP wont  be included at launch. The game director Jay Wilson says that the PvP arena wont be at launch because all the players who waited for this part so long can enjoy the solo/co-op campaign in the game. The PvP patch will be included  after some time when the game will be official released. "With good gear and powerfull characters .... everyone will be ready for PvP arena later" - says Jay.


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