Assassin Creed -- the n.1 open world adventure stealth game will get new part. A lot of information has been revealed these days about the new game and from what is known it will be great. The story will be between 1753-1783 with the new assassin named Connor who will have mission to explore New York and Boston. There will be a lot of  historical events and figures like Benjamin Franklin and Charles Lee, their wish will be your objective. The map in this game will be 1.5x times bigger the other Creeds and player will be able to hunt animals, selling stuff for money and and enjoy the story covered with a lot of quests.
Assassin Creed III release is set for October 2012 and it will be released for PC, PS3, X360 and WiiU. Official Qeq for the game is still unknown.
Below you can check the official trailer for the game:

Credits: IGN


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